Cluster categories (Known-Unknown) refinement

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Cluster categories (Known-Unknown) refinement

  1. Unknown refinement (“”)
    • Input:”data/cluster_classification/marine_hmp_eu_ids.txt”, then processed through “” to create the hhblits DB, and the Uniclust DB.
    • Output:”data/cluster_classification/unkn_refinement/marine_hmp_new_eu-gu-kwp_ids.txt”
  2. Known refinement (“”)
    • Input:”data/cluster_classification/unkn_refinement/marine_hmp_new_kwp_ids.txt”, processed through “” to create the hhblits DB, and the Pfam DB.
    • Output:”data/cluster_classification/known_refinement/marine_hmp_new_kwp-k-gu_ids.txt”

Final output: “data/cluster_categories/marine_hmp_k-kwp-gu-eu_ids.txt”

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