Cluster classification

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Cluster classification


  1. Unannotated clusters:
    • “”: input=”data/cluster_refinement/refined/marine_hmp_refined_noannot_cl_ids.txt”; output=”data/cluster_classification/unannotated_cl/marine_hmp_refined_noannot_cl_cons.fasta”
    • “”:
    • Search vs Uniref90: input=”data/cluster_classification/unannotated_cl/marine_hmp_refined_noannot_cl_cons.fasta” and the Uniref90 DB; output=search hits, which are then parsed with the scripts “” (which requires the awk script “evalue_06_filter.awk” and the file “unknown_grep.tsv”).
    • Search vs NCBI nr: input=previous search no-hits; output=search hits, parsed in the same way of the uniref90 hits. - general output: set of EUs and KWPs, and the preliminary set of GUs.
  2. Annotated clusters:
    • “pfam_domain_architect_ref.r”: input=”data/cluster_refinement/refined/marine_hmp_refined_annot_cl.tsv”; output=”data/cluster_classification/annotated_cl/kept_PF/DUFs” (the first are the Ks and the second are added to the preliminary set of GUs) and “data/cluster_classification/annotated_cl/pfam_domain_architecture.tsv”.
  • Final output: a first set of cluster categories (Ks,KWPs,GUs,and EUs) that will be further refined through two HMM vs HMM searches.

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